Buhari Disappointed Some People By Granting Interviews In ‘Real Life’ – Garba Shehu

Governance: Buhari Scores Self Highly, Says Most Nigerians Understand Appreciate Him

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, on Monday said some people were left disappointed to have seen president Muhammadu Buhari granting interviews in ‘real life.’

He said this while speaking on NTA’s ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ programme.

The presidential aide referenced Buhari’s appearances on Arise TV and NTA, as well as his visit to Lagos State where he inaugurated some projects last Thursday.

Governance: Buhari Scores Self Highly, Says Most Nigerians Understand, Appreciate Him

When asked if the president’s interviews and speeches last week allayed doubt of Nigerians on whether the president was in control, Shehu said, “Yes, he has always been. But there has been misperception and propaganda.

“By his own personal style, President Buhari is not too forward and he has not been frontal on many aspects. It is certainly not a sign of lack of effectiveness or that one is not in charge.

“People had yearned for him to speak to Nigerians and they have advocated for this including the national parliament, passing resolutions and there he was speaking as President Buhari, nothing artificial about him.

“The largest section of Nigerians are satisfied and happy to having seen the president animated, real life, capable and exuding that confidence and capability to govern well but that obviously would have disappointed some people, who in their view, nothing good can come out of an administration in which they are not a part of.”


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