Dalung is now telling a story of why it is important to always bridle the tongue for out of it comes issues of life.

He says he lost his position as a minister in 2019 and never regained it as Buhari overlooked him for Sunday Dare.


Indeed, Dalung thinks his tongue cost him his position.

Solomon Dalung


A former minister of youth and sports, Solomon Dalung, has given reasons why he was not reappointed as a minister during the second term of former president Muhammadu Buhari.

Dalung, who served as minister between 2015 and 2019, was not reappointed after the re-election of Buhari in 2019.


But speaking during an interview on Channels TV breakfast show on Tuesday, Dalung said his toxic tongue in addressing issues cost him a reappointment.

How Dalung Stepped On Toes

Dalung added that despite having an outstanding performance while in office, he stepped on many powerful forces within the seat of power who ensured he didn’t return.

“Well, I think I still have an outstanding record of performance that nobody has been able to challenge till date.

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“There were so many reasons. God didn’t want me. But I think the very toxic tongue of mine, in terms of addressing issues and not sparing certain toes within the power base, played a role,” he claimed.

“Even now there is a cabal; as I am talking to you, there is a cabal in Tinubu’s government.


“Cabal will always exist. They are a group of ambitious people who have different ambitions from the leader and exist within the power base to hijack power and project their own interest.

“If there was no cabal, how would a minister nominee from Kano State find his name on the list and go to the National Assembly before he was turned back.

“That is a sign of cabal in the government.”

Also, he said he would only accept a ministerial position under President Bola Tinubu if he got the assurance that his views would not be silenced.

“A ministerial appointment is not to serve an individual.

“Is to serve your country.

“Why I agreed to serve under Buhari was because of the covenant I had with him.

“I will not agree to serve with children who will padlock my mouth.

“I will only accept to serve under the condition that they will not padlock my mouth,” he added.


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