As the volatility trend of the world’s economic landscape continues to change, it has become necessary for businesses and individuals to properly manage their finances.

Up-to-date information is key to enhancing informed decision-making processes for both personal and business purposes.


black market exchange rate. Dollar to Naira rate. unified exchange rate

The exchange rate of Nigeria’s local currency has continued to fluctuate in the parallel also known as the black market.


This situation makes it extremely necessary for investors, businesses, and individuals to get adequate information before making financial decisions.

The local currency exchanged in the black market at ₦‎1,161 for a buyer and sold for ₦‎1,152.


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Other currencies exchange rate to the Naira in the black market are as follows;

A person can get the Pound at ₦1,457 but currency dealers will buy the Pound from you at the rate of ₦1,240.

As for the Euro, it can be bought for ₦1,258 and sold for ₦1,240.


The Candian Dollar CAD can be gotten in the black market for ₦870 and sold at ₦900.


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