Big news for fans of the BBNaija show. Something important has changed, the way they send housemates home is different now.

Big Brother Naija Season 8


Before, there was a group called the jury, made up of ex-housemates from the show, that made decisions about who would leave the show.

But people weren’t always happy with their choices. Some viewers felt the jury was unfair and playing favourites.

Interestingly, the organisers of the show have dismissed the jury panel, the voting process lies in the hands of the viewers to vote for their favorite housemates.

The voting process might turn out like this.


1.  Viewer’s Votes Matter

Instead of the jury, it’s you and other viewers who decide. Eviction will be based on votes from the audience, which makes the show more engaging, and every eviction is well-deserved.

So, your voice really counts.

2.  Real Competition

It will give rise to real competition. The absence of the jury could also change how viewers vote.

Viewers and media handlers of each housemate will go all out to vote for their favourite housemates.


This makes it a competition by viewers who now want their favourite housemate to stay.

3.  Housemates Think Differently

Housemates’ strategies may evolve. With no more jury and no more pardons, instead, each housemate nominates another housemate for possible eviction.


They will need to be more engaging and relatable to the audience and even housemates to avoid nomination and secure their stay in the house.

4.  More Money For Organisers

Organisers will make more money because people will vote out anyone that they feel used his or her bias as a jury to evict a perceived enemy, who audience saw a favourite.

And each housemate’s team outside the house will spend more to campaign for their favourite housemates.

The show is, indeed, going to another level.

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