‘Announce Your Births, Not Your Pregnancies’ Reno Omokri Warns Pregnant Women

'Announce Your Births, Not Your Pregnancies' Reno Omokri Warns Pregnant Women

Former presidential adviser, Reno Omokri has recently taken to social media to share his opinion on women who flaunt their pregnancy on social media.

The writer took to his Instagram page where he stated that pregnancies are meant to be kept a secret until they are safely delivered using a Bible verse to back up his point.

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He stated further that not having baby showers would not kill anyone as not everyone needs to know that a lady is pregnant.

He also advised ladies who are known for parading their baby bumps on social media that not doing it would deprive them of nothing adding that they should learn from their babies who were silent for none months and cried right after their births.

According to Reno, flaunting of baby bumps attracts negative spirit because it’s not everyone that has thoughts of peace towards the expectant parents.

He wrote:

“People do not need to know you are pregnant. Not having a baby shower won’t kill you. Not parading your baby bump on social media deprived you of nothing. Learn from your baby. It is silent for 9 months and only cries when it is born! When you flaunt baby bumps, you attract Negative Human Spirits. Thoughts affect reality. Even God operates through the thought realm. ‘I know the thoughts I have towards you, thoughts of good, not evil’-Jer 29:11. Not everyone has ‘thoughts of peace’ towards you. Protect yourself. Announce your births, not your pregnancies!”

See his post below:


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