It is one thing to know that there is an issue and another to seek solution where you can get it. This is the case of the insecurity issue in Nigeria right now.

The Nigerian military had tried to quench it, but now the force wants to try another means. Lagbaja


Indeed, the Nigerian Military has turned to NARC for research solutions on tackling the menace

As a result, a Strategic Management and Policy Studies Course to explore research-based solutions to Nigeria’s defence and security challenges has begun in Abuja on Thursday.


Chief of Army Staff, COAS, Lt.-Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja, said the army conceived the course as part of a holistic approach to addressing issues of security.

It is run by the Nigerian Army Resource Centre, NARC.


He said since the issue of security now includes all aspects of human endeavour, factors like food and physical security, poverty and employment, must be given adequate attention.

Leadership Builds Structures

Lagbaja said the participants would examine and analyse government policies and activities and how they impact on national security.

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“The essence of having a composite group on the course is to enrich the class discussions through cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge, thereby adding value to the course.


“The course is about imparting knowledge in different spheres of human activities.

“As strategic leaders in your respective services and agencies, knowledge is crucial to your performance and this is not about a specific issue or discipline but an understanding of all human endeavours.


“It must never be forgotten that leadership builds structures based on the dynamics of global developmental trends in both immediate and remote environments,” he added.

Lagbaja said it was a conscious and viable foundation for cooperation amongst the participants which would strengthen inter-agency cooperation now and in the future to achieve better performance in joint activities.


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