You need to be in Abia State to see the mood of the residents who wanted a real change. Their thumb on the paper was all that was needed to effect the shift they wanted.

On Wednesday, the Labour Party candidate, Alex Otti, was declared winner of Abia Governorship election.

After that declaration, you would think the residents of the state just won a Visa lottery, at least to ‘japa’.


The kind of jubilation displayed by the residents hasn’t been seen in a long time.

In fact, the contagious happiness and appreciation on the streets of Abia State at the moment are better experienced than imagined.

From results, the Labour Party’s candidate polled a total of 175,466 votes to defeat his opponent and candidate from the PDP, who had 88,526 votes.

This was after INEC suspended the state collation of results in Abia and Enugu states on Monday, March 20.

The suspension was effected to review the conduct of the governorship elections in the states.

The Labour Party won in 10 LGAs while the PDP won in six LGAs.

Also, the Young People’s Party won in one LGA.


Professor Nnenna Oti, who is the returning officer, declared the LP candidate winner at the headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Umuahia, the state’s capital.

Indeed, that announcement marked the end of the wait by people of the state and drums of jubilation were rolled out.

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Abia state residents are hopeful that the governor-elect will give them the change they  clamour since 1999 that the PDP had ruled the state.


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