Are you wondering why you keep applying for scholarships in the USA but not getting positive feedback?

You may even be wondering if it is your village people that are going ahead of you to block your moves. 

Well, there is good news for you. Your village people are not after you.


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You see, there could be a million reasons for not landing that your dream scholarship in the US. One of these reasons are common mistakes made by applicants.

In this article, we highlighted seven common mistakes you should avoid when applying for US scholarships.

1.  Missing Deadlines

The habit of ‘African time’ (lateness) begins and ends here in Africa, in the western culture, prompt attitudes get high consideration.

Ensure you submit all required documents and applications before the stated deadlines.

Check the School website to confirm this.

2.  Incomplete Applications

Double-check that you’ve filled out all sections of the application and attached the necessary materials.


3.  Ignoring Eligibility Criteria

Many people always think that their faith would secure them scholarshipsl, being that they believe in God. Well, as commendable as this is, once you do not qualify, there is no magic to be done.

Make sure you meet all the requirements for the scholarship before applying. Read the requirements of all schools very well.

4.  Generic Essays

Write personalised essays that demonstrate your genuine interest, experiences, and goals. Don’t do copy and paste.

5.  Lack of Recommendations

Obtain strong letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to your abilities and character.

6.  Not Proofreading

Thoroughly review your application for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. If you want to just write and submit, you could be showing yourself as someone who does not have what it takes to seek such scholarship.

7.  Applying To Few Schools

Cast a wide net and apply to multiple schools to increase your chances of success. Each programme has the maximum number of students that they can admit.

Most time they deny you not because you’re not an excellent student, but because they do not have space again to accept new students.

Now that you have gotten to know all this, kindly share this article to help another Nigerian.


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