5 reasons why you shouldn’t date a University girl

There is this generally believed that once a girl you are dating gains admission into the University that you should kiss her goodbye, many people believe it’s untrue but it is very true and factual.

In this article, you are going to see the reasons why you should not Date Girls that are in the University or high institution, just grab a seat and read this article carefully with maximum attention.

Below are the 5 Reasons Why you should not Date a Girl that is in the University;

1. Long Distance: when you date a girl that is in the University or schooling in the high institution and maybe you are done with school or not close to the school. The relationship will gently turn or automatically turn to a long-distance relationship and you know that long-distance relationships never works. So to avoid heartbreak you need to swiftly end the relationship.

2. Heartbreak; if you date a girl that is in the University, then you should also prepare your heart for heartbreaks as that can hit you at any time. Most girls immediately they enter the University they get distracted from you either because of her educational activities or she finds another handsome, rich and neat guy that snatches her from you. It’s best to break up immediately she enters a university.

3. Love Dies: Naturally, whenever you don’t see or keep in touch with the person you love, the relationship automatically fades away with the feelings you both shared also fading with it. The distance, activities etc. will combine to make this particular thing happen.

4. Extortion Begins: this is not rocket science or an unverified story, immediately your girlfriend enters the University there are higher chances that she will be influenced by her friends to extort money from you. So if you care about your finances, kindly call off the relationship immediately she steps foot in the University. Even if you are eyeing a university girl also keep in mind that you need to have maintenance fee” because they are usually after the money and not you.

I believe that all the reasons why you should abstain from starting a relationship with any girl that is in the University

By Eze Lawrence, a relationship analyst.


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