You see, finding true love should not be that hard.

I know you may have tried almost everything to make your love life work, yet it seems your efforts are not yielding results.

Even though it is understandable if you decide to take a break from finding true love because of the heartbreaks and trauma you experienced in the past, don’t you think it is too soon to give up on lasting love?

true love still exists

The challenge sometimes is not just finding a partner but having someone who is compatible emotionally, physically, financially, intellectually, spiritually, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be a plus if we had a best friend, confidant, leader, advisor, teammate, mother, father, and more in one person?

Funnily enough, few people are lucky enough to find true love with someone who checks all the boxes without much effort. But for many, it is not as simple as it sounds.

It gets even more tiring when we have tried several times but no longer know where else to look for the kind of partner we want.

However, true love keeps staring us in the face in places we may not be paying attention to. Some of these places are:

Work Settings

This does not necessarily mean dating someone in your immediate workplace or office, as this comes with its pros and cons.

By this, I mean you can keep an eye on friends or people within your niche, business, or area of interest by interacting and contributing positively to work.


Who doesn’t like intelligence or having someone around who makes life and work easier for them?

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This way, you will begin to get noticed, and who knows? Love may eventually find you in the process.

Religious Gatherings

In a country like Nigeria, where religion is a major aspect of people’s lives, many have found love in religious gatherings like churches, mosques, etc.

Basically, it is believed they already have similar moral and spiritual interests and as such can go ahead and build a life together on these grounds.

If you are a believer in religion and seek true love, you can join a religious body that supports your beliefs and interact with people.

Social Media

If you are single and all you do online is post and disappear, you may need to change and start engaging on other people’s posts in an intelligent manner.

Contribute to topics and ask the right questions. Network with the kind of people you want in your life.

People have shared how they met their spouses in comment sections, online trainings, webinars, coaching programmes, etc.

Since the inception of social media, there have been stories of those who met life partners online and are doing really well in their marriages.

Although the purpose of social media is to network and build friendships, one must be cautious about who to trust before meeting in person.

Give True Love A Chance

Other places you can meet the right partner include your neighborhood, public transportation, the market, and so on.

Sometimes, true love happens when you least expect it.

If you find yourself asking if true love really exists, I have seen it many times and can assure you that it does.

You just have to keep looking out for it and make conscious efforts to make it happen.


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