Nigeria’s women really need a ‘come-back fight’ to be able to get representation in governance in the dispensation of the coming administrators. 

Now that the elections are mostly over, all they can hang on to are positions in the top Legislative Arm of government. Will they get them? 


APC Opens Up On 'Removal Of South-South Zonal Executives'

Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe, is Oyo State’s only female legislator and she has her eye on a key position in the House of Representatives.

Expressing her position on relying on zoning for choosing positions in the House, she gave a condition for her decision.

Akande-Sadipe says that if the APC zones the position to the South West, she will run for Deputy Speaker of the 10th Assembly.


Currently, she serves as the Chairman of the House of Representatives Diaspora Committee.

This is a position that must have helped her learn a lot about leading the House of Representatives.

In a speech to her colleagues in Abuja on Wednesday, Akande-Sadipe acknowledged the challenges she faced during the election process and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve the people.

Ability To Fulfill Duties

Also, Akande-Sadipe, the only female legislator in Oyo State, added that she was ready to focus on the task at hand and move the Assembly forward as a whole.


“My Honourable colleagues, as we all did, I have battled for my ticket, and went to the poll on February 25. Unlike many, I was forced into a rerun on April 15.

“That’s now done and dusted. My family and I have sent our cherished mother forth and now it is time to focus on the work at hand.


“Hence I come before you, my esteemed colleagues, to ask for your support as I vie for the role of Deputy Speaker of the 10th Assembly,” she said.

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She expressed confidence in her ability to serve as Deputy Speaker and promised to work tirelessly to achieve the Assembly’s goals and objectives.

Also, she is confidence in her ability to fulfill the duties of a Deputy Speaker and serve her constituents well if her party zoned the position to the southwest.

“I pray you will assess me based on my vision, and my values, which are “Accountability and Professionalism” and support me on this journey,” she appealed.



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