Ahead of his rematch with Deontay Wilde, Tyson Fury has revealed his plans and routine before the big fight.


Fury speaking with Hoop Jab at a press conference on Tuesday, said he has been masturbating up to seven times a day.

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury have confirmed their rematch in Las Vegas on February 22.

The world champion explained that he is masturbating in order to keep his testosterone levels up.

Wilder said: “I’m doing a lot of things I didn’t before. I’m eating five/six meals a day, I’m drinking eight liters of water a day.


“I don’t know if any of that even matters on the night. It didn’t matter before but if it’s gonna give me an edge on winning this fight then I’m willing to try it, why not.

“I’m masturbating seven times a day to keep my testosterone pumping. I’ve gotta keep active, testosterone flowing. Don’t want the levels to go down

“I’m really eliminating all the distractions this time. No phones, nothing like that. No diet coke, which I’ve become susceptible to.

“I’ve had tons, and tons, and tons of it in every training camp. This is the first training camp in 10 years I’ve not had one diet coke and I won’t have any until after the fight.


“This is the 1st training camp where I’m going to bed early at 9.30 every night and I wake up every morning at 7 am, fresh as a daisy.”




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