UEFA Nations League fixtures revealed as Belgium tackles England in Group A

Luis Figo, UEFA

Following Euro 2016 nightmare, Gareth Southgate men will finally have a chance to fight another day, as UEFA unveils fixtures and draws for this year’s tournament.
England has been drawn alongside World number one, Belgium with Denmark and Iceland
in their Nations League Group. This will be the first time England have faced them after the horrors in Nice four years ago.
England Coach, Southgate UEFA iBrandTV
England Coach, Southgate
According to Southgate, “I think we’ve been trying to take steps towards doing that (laying ghosts) with our general performances since then anyway.
“Now there’s a game that – I’ve just seen Gudni Bergsson (Iceland FA president) and they’re looking forward to it – which is a different sort of test.
“Iceland have had a difficult 12 months in terms of where their team are at but it’s a game we’ve obviously got to be extremely well prepared for because we know the risk involved.”
Below are the draws

League A

Group A1: Poland, Bosnia, Italy, Netherlands

Group A2: Iceland, Denmark, Belgium, England
Group A3: Croatia, Sweden, France, Portugal
Group A4: Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland

League B

Group B1: Romania, Northern Ireland, Norway, Austria
Group B2: Israel, Slovakia, Scotland, Czech Republic
Group B3: Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Russia
Group B4: Bulgaria, Republic of Ireland, Finland, Wales

League C

Group C1: Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro
Group C2: Armenia, Estonia, North Macedonia, Georgia
Group C3: Moldova, Slovenia, Kosovo, Greece
Group C4: Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Albania

League D

Group D1: Malta, Andorra, Latvia, Faroe Islands
Group D2: San Marino, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar
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