A day of harvest, meant to bring joy to the family, became a day of mourning after a young man who recently got married was reportedly shot and killed.

man killed by suspected herdsmen after wedding


This occurred on Saturday, October 28, 2023, when he went to his farm to bring home the harvested maize.

Maren Amos Ishaku was killed in Plateau State’s Bokkos Local Government Area by gunmen believed to be herdsmen.


The deceased, who had just married a month prior, was shot while returning to his farm to bring harvested corn home, according to a man named D’yong Mangut.

“How cheap life can be in this country.


“Got married about a month ago.

“Went to his farm yesterday to transport his harvested maize to his house only to be killed by herdsmen who rained bullets on him.

“No conscience. No human feelings…

“How can any human be so cruel and wicked?


“Amos! May your killers never find peace.

“NB: What exactly is happening in Bokkos? The insecurity is too much. If one is not being killed, he lives in fear of been kidnapped,” he wrote.


The Last Smile

Another friend said he met the deceased on his way to the farm yesterday.

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Haba Maren Amos Ishaku, Haba, I met you yesterday morning on your way to the farm.

“I even jokingly ask to follow u, without me knowing that was the last smile I’ll see from uuuuu.

“”I can’t believe I won’t see u again.

“My heart aches this morning when I heard the bad news. May your killers never find peace.

“It’s so hard to say goodbye. I pray you find eternal rest and peace as well. I’ll forever miss uuuuuu,” he wrote.

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