Shocker!! 118-year-old woman appointed as special adviser in Nigeria

When you think you have seen all, the future will still have a way of bringing surprises. Yesterday 118-year-old woman, Omonigbalebo Dani Orogono, was appointed by the vice-chairman of Kolokuma/Opokuma local government area of Bayelsa State as his special adviser on elder matters.

Orogono’s appointment was contained in a letter dated February 4, 2020, and signed by Bedford Ineye, one of the vice-chairman’s aides.

The letter reads, “It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been appointed as Special Adviser on Elder Matters to the Vice-Chairman, Kolokuma/Opokuma LGA,” the letter read. “Your appointment is with immediate effect. Congratulations and accept the warmest regards from the Vice-Chairman.”


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