It is surprising that a celebrity has stepped forward to express a contrary viewpoint in a culture where sexual content is promoted in various ways.

Cynthia Morgan sex
Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan, a female rapper from Nigeria, has said she firmly agrees with the Bible’s teaching that sexual activity should only take place within the boundaries of marriage.


She asserts that of all the doctrines included in the Bible, she most agrees with the one that states that only married couples should engage in sexual activity.

The rapper noted in her account that people can deviate from the ideal for a number of reasons, such as ignorance or other factions.

However, Cynthia Morgan made it clear in her post that she thinks only married couples should engage in sexual activity.

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“If there’s one thing, I agree the most with in the Bible it will be that sex should only be for married people.

“I know… We all sin and fall short of his glory either out of ignorance or even i2no… but sincerely sex is /was designed for married people. Thank you”

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