Seun Kuti Slams Nigerian Journalists, Says They Reaped What They Sow

Following the recent video trending on social media showing former Minister of Aviation, Chief Fani- Kayode blasting a Journalist after asking him some questions at an event, this action has brought about various reactions from everyone and people have taken to social media to pen their thoughts.

Singer, Seun Kuti also reacted to this incident as he to his Instagram page to slam the Nigerian media professionals who were present at the event but failed to stand up for their colleague.

According to the star, journalists are only reaping what they have let slide in the past emphasizing that they have given rich Africans too much power and it is now backfiring on them.

Read his post below:

“Shame shame shame shame shame on all Nigerian media professionals. Shame on u! Shame shame shame. All I heard was begging in the room. Begging then una come outside dey form intellectuals. Shame shame shame shame shame shame shame. #getthesax. Africans don’t have a problem, it’s the hand picked Africans who have been able to secure their own comforts within oppression that are shameless. Completely!

Once more they let the people down then come outside to act like they are not ass kissers!! But when they want to write about celebs or the common man then they are professionals. When police want to arrest common man he is a professional. When common man is denied loans he needs then the banker is a professional.EFCC is only professional around yahoo boys. Make una dey professional dey go ooooo.”


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