You may be wondering why #TinubuOneYearOfFailures is trending on social media.

Well, relax, we will give you the gist ‘as e de hot’, like the Gen Zs would say.


Indeed, today promises to be a great one, as Nigerians have chosen it to be the day of reckoning.

President Bola Tinubu

You see, in the buildup of the 2023 presidential election, President Tinubu, the then All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, did not only preach the gospel of ‘Renewed Hope’ to Nigerians, but he came with loads of evidence.

That evidence was Lagos State.

That was not all, there were also promises of replicating the success story of Lagos at the national level.



Now, as the hardship bites harder, Nigerians cannot help but flashback on these promises.

That was how #TinubuOneYearOfFailures began surfacing on different handles slowly.

Things heated up after former National Vice Chairman, North-West, of the APC, Salihu Lukman, published a statement.

Lukman asserted that contrary to Nigerians’ expectations, President Bola Tinubu has failed to replicate his Lagos State success story at the national level.


Illusive Politics

He made this known in a statement issued on Tuesday titled, ‘Illusive Politics: What is to be Done’.

In that statement, Lukeman said Tinubu’s administration had been characterised by policy missteps and reversals, which have created more doubts among Nigerians.


The APC chieftain noted that President Tinubu and all party leaders must be informed of the current administration’s mistakes.

Lukeman lamented that after 25 years of democratic rule, Nigeria had failed to produce leaders predisposed to accommodating citizens’ interests.

He said: “Painfully, against every expectation that President Asiwaju Tinubu will reignite the Lagos success story at national level, his government is more and more creating doubts in the minds of Nigerians about the prospect of resolving the country’s challenges with incidences of policy missteps and reversals.

Democratic Future

“As a result, crisis of insecurity has remained. Problems of inflation, unemployment and poverty are on the increase.

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“If the hallmark of the tenure of former President Buhari is the trauma of dashed hopes for citizens, we must, as Nigerian citizens and as committed progressive politicians, wake up and remedy the ugly and despicable experience of illusive politics.

“After one year in office, the unmistaken message must be conveyed to President Asiwaju Tinubu and by extension all APC leaders that the democratic future of Nigeria is not negotiable.”

After this statement surfaced, tweets with the hashtag #TinubuOneYearOfFailures started springing up from all corners of X (formerly Twitter).

Nigerians have seized this opportunity to air out their grievances.

See some tweets below:


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