Dbanj, the acclaimed Nigerian musician, recently celebrated 20 years on stage with a grand event at the iconic New Afrika Shrine.

The venue, known for its cultural history and association with Fela Kuti, provided a fitting backdrop for the celebration.

Dbanj Celebrates 20 Years on Stage at the New Afrika Shrine


The New Afrika Shrine was adorned with colorful lights and decorations that mirrored Dbanj’s vibrant personality.

Also, dynamic light shows and visuals enhanced the performances, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

The buzzing crowd added to the radiant ambiance, making the night memorable for all attendees.

Free Entry Tickets

Dbanj’s provision of free entry tickets was a commendable gesture, allowing fans from all backgrounds to join in the celebration.

This inclusive approach led to a large turnout, bringing together thousands of music lovers under one roof.

Boost for Local Vendors

The event benefited local vendors, who experienced increased sales from the large crowd.

From food and beverages to merchandise, the celebration provided a significant boost to small businesses, contributing to the local economy.


Memorable Performances

Dbanj’s performance was the highlight of the evening, featuring a mix of classic hits and new releases.

Guest artists joined him on stage, adding surprise and delight for the audience and showcasing the camaraderie within the Nigerian music industry.

A Celebration of Culture and Community

More than just a concert, the event celebrated culture and community.

It brought together people from diverse backgrounds, united by their love for music and admiration for Dbanj.

The celebration highlighted music’s power to bridge gaps and foster unity.

A Night to Remember

Dbanj’s 20th-anniversary celebration at the New Afrika Shrine was a resounding success.

The vibrant ambiance, iconic venue, free entry tickets, and economic boost for local vendors contributed to an unforgettable experience, celebrating both a musical legend and Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.

Also, for attendees, it was a night of joy, music, and lasting memories.

Dbanj Celebrates 20 Years on Stage at the New Afrika Shrine


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