The Eid-el-Kabir festival is here again.

As usual, Nigerians cannot wait to join the Muslim faithfuls in celebrating this significant occasion.

This festivity features the slaughtering and eating of ram meat in many Muslim homes.


Eid-El-Kabir: What Muslims Who Cannot Afford Ram Should Do

Well, that was in the past.

By this time in the previous years, many Muslim families had already tied their rams in their compound waiting for the celebration to commence fully.

Fast forward to this year’s Eid-el-Kabir, where many people may not be able to afford ram.

The economic situation in the country is not friendly.

The cost of buying a ram in the present economy is enough to pay for one’s house rent.

It was on this note that a respected Islamic scholar in Lagos, Dr. Tajudeen Adebayo, decided to share some words of advice to Muslims facing financial difficulties.


Adebayo suggested that Muslims who are unable to purchase ram for the 2024 Eid-el-Kabir festival should not feel sorrow but rather hold onto the hope for a better tomorrow.

Adebayo serves as the Head Imam at the Falomo Central Mosque in Lagos State.

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He shared his advice during a press briefing on Friday ahead of the Sallah festival.

He encouraged those who are financially capable to offer generosity and affection to their fellow believers.

“If the economic situation does not give room for slaughtering ram this year, we should not grieve. Another good time will come.
“Let those who can afford to kill a ram extend their hands of kindness to those who cannot kill.
“They need to know that neither the meat nor the blood will reach Allah; rather, it is the piety with which the sacrifice is done that matters most,” Adebayo said.

The cleric further urged all Muslim faithful to understand the significance of the celebration for their spiritual growth.

“I wish to urge all Muslims to see the Eid beyond the narrow view of merrymaking.
“Muslims should be reminded of the trial of Prophet Ibrahim, which culminated into the celebration.
“The Eid was not a moment of happiness when it started, but it later turned to happiness,” Adebayo said.


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