The recent outbreak of Cholera, a very deadly disease, has left many Nigerians in fear.

If you reside in Lagos State, then we are sorry to say that you have a lot to worry about as long as this deadly disease is on the loose.

Relax, we will tell you why in a jiffy.

Cholera Outbreak: Why Lagosians Are At Higher Risk
Patient receiving treatment

It all began on Tuesday.

Nigerians were busy navigating through the biting hardship when news of a Cholera outbreak surfaced.

Indeed, it began in Lagos.

It hit so hard that the state’s Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, was forced to call for heightened vigilance and the adoption of precautionary measures to prevent it potential spread in the state.

The Cases

This followed an increase in severe gastroenteritis cases reported in the last 48 hours.

Abayomi revealed that this resulted in about 60 hospital admissions and sadly, five deaths, primarily from patients presenting late with extreme dehydration.

Now, let us take a quick peep at some simple steps people can take to prevent the spread of Cholera.


Trust us, after this, we will get to understand why Lagosians are at higher risk.

Follow these tips to keeps Cholera away from you:

1. Boil water before drinking
2. Wash your hands often with running water
3. Cook food well, keep it covered, eat it hot and peel fruits and vegetables
4. Use toilets and keep them clean with disinfectants
5. Maintain a clean environment, especially the kitchen and toilet.

Why Lagosians Are At Higher Risk

You see, the major cause of Cholera is dirtiness and uncleanliness.

From contaminated water, to food, and majorly environment.

Now, guess which state seats proudly on the number one spot of dirtiest state in Nigeria.

According to Nigerian Queries: “Lagos has been dubbed the dirtiest state in Nigeria this year”.

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Residents in states like Cross River, which has ranked the cleanest state in the country severally, may have little to worry about.

However, we cannot say same for our dear brothers and sisters in Lagos.

The Good News 

The good news is, if you adhere to the simple tips we listed earlier, then consider yourself on the safe side.

But then, there comes another problem, Lagosians.

Lagosians are always in a rush and hurry.

So much that they event forget about their health.

They even forget the basic things.

For instance, how many of us remember to wash our hands after using the toilet?

Lol, you see? There is trouble.

Don’t wait until it gets out of control because you may not survive it.

Stick to these simple rules and safe yourself the stress.

This is point where our grandfathers would say “a word is enough for the wise”.


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