You see, many people today, are looking for options to Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), because of the hike in its price.

Many Nigerians have been forced to park their cars at home due to the hike in the price of the commodity.


The wait is seriously on for the transition from PMS to gas.

Subsidy Removal and gas vehicles in Nigeria


When it comes to transportation, Autogas might be the solution to problems rocking the nation at this moment.

Stakeholders think that Autogas has the prospects to turn around the nation’s ailing economy with the potential to contribute a turnover of about ₦2 trillion.


At the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) conference in Abuja, themed: “LPG- Saving Nigeria from the Brink: Gas for Vehicles, Generators and Agriculture”.

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Stakeholders highlighted the role of LPG in Nigeria’s evolving energy scenario, citing a remarkable 2.167% growth in LPG utilisation between 2006 and 2022.

The President of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (NLPGA), Felix Ekundayo, projected the industry’s continuous growth.


According to him, with the Federal Government’s renewed focus on gas, he said that the sector could contribute a ₦2 trillion turnover.

Furthermore, Ekundayo identified Autogas as any gas suitable for running vehicles or internal combustion engines.


He also listed four areas where Autogas is critical for usage at the moment.

He advised the government to focus on the power, industrial, autogas, and domestic sectors for gas usage.

Also, Ekundayo pointed out the need for robust policies across the gas value chain.

He harped on the urgency of addressing challenges in the gas industry to harness its full potential for economic and societal benefits.

Government Addressing Energy Transition Gap

The Minister of State (Gas) Petroleum Resources, Ekperipe Ekpo, reiterated the government’s commitment to urgently addressing the energy transition gap.

He appreciated NLPGA for creating over 150,000 jobs and increasing LPG consumption from 60,000 tonnes in 2007 to over 1.3 million tonnes in 2021.

The Minister said the NLPGA’s efforts in contributing to the growth of the LPG sector are laudable.

Also, the need for Nigeria to pursue a cleaner energy source was raised by the Chief Executive of the Presidential CNG Initiative, Michael Oluwagbemi.

Oluwagbemi advocated for partnerships and a transition to various fuels, including LNG.

He supported government initiatives, such as the National Transportation Mass Transit Policy, requiring all commercial vehicles to run on gas by 2024.

Autogas, Key To Achieving Net Zero 

The President of the Nigeria Gas Association (NGA), Akachukwu Nwokedi, said Autogas is a key contributor to a greener and more decarbonised transportation sector.

Akachukwu emphasised the role of gas in achieving “net zero” by 2060.

A gas development expert, Sekhar Vajalla, draws parallels with New Delhi’s case study.

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He stressed the role of government intervention and the necessity of regulations for licensing and certifications.

Also, he highlighted the absence of pricing conclusions, calling for competition and prioritising of domestic market.


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