Dollar to Naira black market exchange rate today is between ₦930 and ₦955.

Indeed, inflation has done the economy more harm than good. 


Dollar to Naira exchange rate

Who would have thought that the dollar to Naira exchange rate can rise this high, in the face of stringent economic policies adopted.


Really, many are the afflictions of Nigerians under Tinubu’s administration, but God is preserving them all. Funny, but that is the reliance of the people who have no way to tame inflation.

Age was the only thing we used to know that goes up and never comes down.


Today, what we know is that the exchange rate of the dollar to Naira has jumped from ₦461 to around ₦955 in less than three months.

Currency dealers say there is a slight increase in the black-market rate for today (August 17, 2023).

The selling range obtained for a dollar to Naira is between ₦930 and ₦955.

While the buying range on the black market is between ₦935 and ₦940.


Dollar To Naira Rate For Past 7 Days

Date                                          Buy                                                Sell

August 16, 2023                    ₦910                                          ₦895
August 15, 2023                    ₦945                                          ₦935
August 14, 2023                    ₦948                                          ₦935
August 13, 2023                    ₦952                                          ₦934
August 12, 2023                    ₦946                                          ₦932
August 11, 2023                    ₦950                                          ₦931
August 10, 2023                    ₦950                                          ₦930

The inflation rate is still rising, and the current government appears to have put the cart before the horse by removing subsidy before palliatives.



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