The thinking and mindset of a kidnap victim in Nigeria changed after his experience in the hands of kidnappers.

Now, he could see another side of life, after witnessing the killing of some victims whose families could not raise ransom. 


His advice is that you should set some money apart to save yourself, if such situation comes. 

SAD! How I Was Kidnapped, Beaten And Paid Ransom Kidnap victim


When I boarded a bus returning to Lagos from Delta State, I was not aware a story that would leave me wondering where we are headed will slip into my ears.

We had barely passed Agbor when a passenger began to share a story that left me perplexed.


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Being a journalist, I drew my phone and began to record as the kidnap victim shared his story.

“It was an unforgettable experience for me,” he told said, as he began to share how a woman whose family could not provide ransom was murdered.

Watch video below.



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