Afrobeat star, Tiwa Savage, made her acting debut in a Nigerian movie drama “Water and Garri”.

Water and Garri premiered on Prime Video on Friday, May 10, 2024, produced by Savage and Jimi Adesanya.

Tiwa Savage Gives Meaning To Title Of Her Movie, Water & Garri


Since its release, the movie has made the list of the top 10 movies in 14 different countries.

Tiwa Savage’s debut movie Water & Garri has continued to gain attention in and outside Nigeria.

The Plot

The film follows the story of Aisha (played by Savage), an ambitious fashion designer who returns to her hometown after years away in the United States.

A family loss compels her homecoming, but Aisha discovers a vastly different reality upon her arrival. The place she once knew is fraught with escalating violence and tension.

Also, the film was shot in Cape Coast, Ghana, featuring Mike Afolarin, Andrew Bunting, and Jemima Osunde

The meaning behind Water & Garri

However, Tiwa Savage has explained the meaning behind the title of her debut movie, Water & Garri

She stated on a show that the meaning of Water & Garri had multiple layers.


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Tiwa, who said she came up with the idea for the movie when she was drunk in her room, explained that Water and Garri, a simple meal in Nigeria, represents challenges and life.

“There are so many layers to why it was called Water & Garri. Garri by itself is very harsh, water is life and when you put them together you know life can be beautiful, mixing the unexpected things sometime can produce you something beautiful,” Tiwa explained.

Also, she told a press conference on her movie, movie Water and Garri, that she was working on a second movie.

She said: “We are already working on another script.” This one is going to be unique, but I can’t reveal too much.

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