Kyle Walker brutally mocked Arsenal fans for their failed attempt to disrupt their sleep with fireworks ahead of their match against Tottenham.

Walker Mocks Arsenal Fans After City Win

Ahead of the match in North London, a group of Arsenal supporters set off fireworks outside the Delta Hotels Waltham Abbey at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, believing the City squad were staying there.


They aimed to disturb the team’s sleep and potentially affect their performance against Spurs.

However, it later emerged that the Manchester City team was not even at that hotel.

Walker couldn’t resist having a go at the pranksters after emerging triumphant over Tottenham with a 2-0 scoreline, thanks to an Erling Haaland brace.

The win puts Pep Guardiola’s side firmly in control of the Premier League title race and the right-back didn’t hold back while belting out a cheeky response to a section of the Arsenal fans.


Speaking to Sky Sports with a grin, Walker said, “Last night I couldn’t sleep, I’m struggling to sleep.

“And then you’re getting to the hotel today.

“I’ve heard they have tried to set fireworks off the night before but we weren’t there, they’ve missed us!

“I’m scrambling to get half an hour in the afternoon just to get my head down.”


The Win

City’s victory was not without its nervy moments. Had Tottenham’s Son Heung-min scored in the latter stages of the game, the result might have been different.

City led 1-0 at the time, and Stefan Ortega’s crucial save kept their lead intact just minutes before Haaland sealed the victory with a penalty.


Walker compared Ortega to Bayern Munich legend Manuel Neuer and added:

“He [Ortega] has got that spread, like Manuel Neuer.

“I bet his heart was in his mouth.

“I was just thinking ‘No, not again’.

“For Son, we spent so much time together at Tottenham.

“He’s the nicest man in football, so for him to do it to me I don’t think I could forgive him.

“The stars aligned for us and we’ve got a chance to go do it in the last game of the season.”

The win against Tottenham means that a victory at home against a struggling West Ham United side on Sunday will see Manchester City lift their fourth consecutive Premier League title.

A Step Closer

However, Walker remains alert and is not taking anything for granted.

“It is one step closer, it’s still not job done,” he said.

“At least we bring it down to the last day, in front of our fans, which should be important.

“You have to take every game as it comes.

“We had a job to do tonight – we’ve done that.

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“But we know how things can swing in the balance of a game of football, like going 2-0 down against Aston Villa [on the final day in 2022] and thinking ‘what’s happened?’

“We recover and three days until West Ham, which is another final, and hopefully we can go and make history for this great club.

“It is not a job done by a million miles.”

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