It is no longer news that you can live in Nigeria and earn in USD by working Remotely.

Simply gaining mastery or competence in search engine optimisation and technical writing can earn you a job in Europe, Canada or America.


Today, because of skills acquired over the internet many people now earn in US Dollars.

These remote work skills are in high demand by companies in Europe, Canada, America and other parts of the world as the case may be.


This article will help you see three skills that can earn you a remote job from other continents of the world.

See 3 Remote Work Skills That Can Earn You Some Dollars

One interesting thing about these skills is that they are high in demand and also very easy to learn and master within 3-4 months.


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You can get engaged as a Freelancer on Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and

1.  Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the quality of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.


Why is Search Engine Optimisation important?

  • Online presence is everything in this era, and SEO helps businesses improve their website’s visibility in search engine results.

When your site shows up higher in search rankings, it gets more organic traffic, which means more potential customers knocking on your virtual door.

  • SEO provides a budget friendly marketing avenue to companies.

You don’t have to break the bank for paid advertising.

SEO allows businesses to optimise their websites and generate organic traffic without breaking the bank.

You are effectively reaching your audience without constantly throwing money at ads.

  • SEO is the gift that keeps giving.

Once you have optimised your website and started ranking well in search engines, you’ll continue to attract organic traffic without ongoing ad expenses.

2.  Product Marketing

This form of marketing is a sub-field of marketing that is responsible for crafting messaging, go-to-market flow, and promotion of a product.

Product marketing is important, as it helps the production and development teams within a company create products that meet the needs of its target audience and that appeal to consumers.

Achieving this involves engaging in more direct and more frequent communication with customers and target segments.

Product Marketing Stages

Adopting a product marketing strategy in the stages leading up to launching a new product is very common.

This is because it helps ensure that relevant teams can launch the product in a market environment that’s primed for new and existing consumers.

Here are the typical stages that you may use in product marketing:

1. Customer Research
2. Product Research
3. Product Positioning and Story
4. Launch Planning
5. Launch Coordination
6. Launch
7. Sales Improvements

Technical Writing

Technical writing is any writing contents that have technical information.

It can include, but is not limited to, preparation of technical manuals and handbooks about technology.

Also, technical writers need to have good writing skills, because they have to convey complex information.

The range of audiences for technical writing varies widely.

Technical writing is very important today, because it helps to break down complex ideas and information into easy-to-understand tasks or explanations for the reader.

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It’s straightforward and clearly informs the reader on a topic (no matter their current knowledge level or if they’re a non-technical audience).

Anybody with good interest in writing can go ahead and develop the right skills to match up for jobs in this field.

Really, one thing that’s common with all the remote work mentioned above is that they can all be done remotely.

It is, however, very interesting to note that in this Internet age there isn’t an absence of Opportunities just a Lack of Information.

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