Post Malone Suffers Bruised Ribs After Falling Through Hole Performing On Stage

Post Malone, the Grammy-nominated singer, who’s currently on his “Twelve Carat” tour, suffered a rib injury onstage Saturday during a concert in St. Louis, Missouri.

Malone was performing “circles” when he tripped on an uncovered hole in the stage that was used to lower equipment.

He laid on the stage for several minutes after the fall as medics assisted him.

After a 15-minute delay, he came back and resumed with an abbreviated set, Malone returned to the stage, “apologized to the crowd for ruining the show”.

Malone opened up about the mishap in a video posted to Twitter Sunday and thanked fans “for the patience.”

Although the fall “winded me pretty good,” Malone said “everything’s good” following his return from the hospital.

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Malone’s manager Dre London also shared a status update on the rapper’s condition earlier Sunday.

“Thank you everyone for all your well wishes! Post Malone didn’t break 3 ribs last night thank God,”


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