Despite the various challenges faced by Binance in the year 2023, the crypto exchange platform is not backing down.

There is a huge possibility that Binance BNB chain would end the year above $300, considering the bullish pattern it recently adopted.

Positive Predictions Follow BNB To Surge Above $300
Binance BNB Chain

Many customers of the Binance exchange platform would not forget easily the ordeals faced by Binance during 2023.

From the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suing Binance to Changpeng Zhao’s stepping down to the class action against Cristiano Ronaldo by some Binance customers.

Yet, BNB has managed to come out stronger and better, as though it never went through these trying times.

The bullish pattern forming on BNB’s chart could increase the possibility of BNB going above $300 in the coming days.


According to CoinMarketCap, BNB was up by over 6% last week, it was trading early this morning at $248.18 with a market capitalisation of over $37.6 billion.

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A popular crypto analyst, Ali, pointed out on 12th December that BNB Chain could be forming a head-and-shoulders pattern.

This means that BNB Chain’s price action is looking very solid.


Some other analysts are also seeing a positive run for the cryptocurrency exchange platform, meanwhile, Google Bard has also made predictions.

According to the AI’s prediction, the coin may find itself somewhere between $210 and $300 on New Year’s Day.


This is an attestation to what other analysts are saying about the coin.


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