The tragic death of Yinka Olowojobi, a lecturer at Babcock University at the Ajadeh Event Centre in Iperu Remo, along Sagamu Road is one that left the police on their toes.

Not only did that deadly attack throw the family of Olowojobi into mourning, but it left the entire state in fear, and that is one thing the police cannot sit by and watch.


Police Nabs Suspected Killer Of Babcock Lecturer

After his death, the Ogun State Police Command vowed to not rest until the perpetrators of such evil acts faced the full wrath of the law.

It all started on the night of Friday, April 19.

While guests were having a good time at the event, that was when the assailants decided to strike.


The Attack

During the incident, nine masked assailants stormed the event center around 9:30 p.m., opening fire indiscriminately and attempting to kidnap patrons.

Yinka Olowojobi, a lecturer at Babcock University, was fatally shot in the chest when he resisted the kidnappers.

The attack did not end with the lecturer’s death, as a matter of fact, two individuals were kidnapped from the scene, one of whom has been identified only as Dare, a manager at a car stand.

But now, the Ogun State Police says there is good news.


According to the police, there has been a breakthrough in the case of that attack which tragically ended in the murder of a Babcock University lecturer.

The Investigation

Investigations that trailed that attack led to the apprehension of a key suspect.


Omolola Odutola, the spokesperson for the Ogun State Police Command, provided details of the event and subsequent police actions.

“Eyewitnesses were able to count eight men dressed in black.
They were armed with guns and emerged from an unknown place into the relaxing lounge and opened fire indiscriminately,” Odutola reported.

The suspect, identified as Awada Ishaya, was employed as a security officer at the event center, which had only opened two weeks prior to the incident.

Suspicious Activities

Ishaya, a native of Plateau State, was taken into custody after police observed suspicious activities linked to him.

“The police said suspicious occurrences led to him being flagged and brought in for detailed interrogation,” the spokesperson added.

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As the investigation continues, the police are working to track down the remaining suspects involved in the attack and to ensure the safe return of the kidnapped victims.

Also, the police urged anyone with information related to the incident to come forward to aid in the arrest of the remaining perpetrators.


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