Have you ever thought about the downside of investing in the equities market?

Do you know that apart from the largess from investments, investors can also develop health challenges and psychological situations from losses incurred in the equities market?

Possible Health Risks Faced By Stock Market Investors
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You see, investing in the equities market is a risk. This is because nothing is cast in stones.

The equities market is a place where investments can either yield profit or loss. It’s a risk prone venture.

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Investors who know very little about the risks that come with investing in the market find themselves developing health conditions.


If you had thought only smokers are liable to die young, you may have gotten it all wrong.

Because investors panic and worry, they develop heart conditions and suffer from several disorders.

Navigating around the market is both risky and dangerous.

Here are a few downsides of making investments that do not yield the expected profits.


Possible Health Challenges An Investors May Face 


Investors tend to be prone to becoming hypertensive due to the volatility experienced in the market.

Equities share price can appreciate today and depreciate the next day.



There are good and bad days in the equities market, but when the bad days linger for too long, it can be worrisome.

When an investors investment is constantly yielding losses, it is a source of concern.

Also, depression would set in when an investor loses his assets invested in certain equities.

In 1924, during the market crash in the US, on October 24 to be precise, quite a good number of investors committed suicide.

It was subsequently declared a Black Thursday.

We are sure you know that depression could lead to thoughts of suicide.

Uncontrollable Anger

Uncontrollable anger could become a major source of health challenge for an investor.

An investor with anger issues would lash out at people randomly or be pissed at anything for reasons that cannot be identified.

Heart Problems

Just like any other person in any other field, investors are prone to heart problems stemming from worrying.

The pain and sadness losses in the equities market can create could trigger negative emotions.

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Heart problems can arise in this situation from heavy issues of pain that can arise from the negativity recorded in the market.

Sleeping difficulty

Anyone who entertains worry finds it hard to sleep.

This is another way investing in the capital market could trigger health issues.

This one requires carefulness because when it aggravates it can lead to death.


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