Again, the Lagos State government has come under heavy criticism after crushing 1,500 seized motorcycles in the state.

The state Commissioner of Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi, accompanied by the Permanent Secretary to the ministry, Wale Musa, inspected the crushing of the 1,500 seized motorcycles at the premises of the Lagos State Taskforce.

Outrage Trails As Lagos State Govt Crushes 1500 Seized Motorcycles
Lagos State Govt Crushes 1500 Seized Motorcycles

A post shared by the task force reads: “Commissioner for #lagosMOT1, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi with the Permanent Secretary, Mr Wale Musa, at the crushing of 1500 seized commercial motorcycles at the Lagos State Taskforce premises on Monday, November 27, 2023″.

Okada Ban

The state government banned the use of motorcycles in many parts of the state in 2022 and seized a number of motorcycles whose riders faulted the ban.


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However, some netizens have frowned at the government for crushing the motorcycles.

See some reactions here:

@Thliza60 wrote: “And who is selling ticket to Okada riders at each junction of the state?and also there is sticker for each local government”.

@shehushams51338 wrote: “Making life unbearable for people who voted you in cos you are rich and they give you power, we will meet on the day of judgements”.

@folursho wrote: “What’s the plan of curbing rampant Okada on Bourdilon road spreading to VI. I think the enforcement should begin with police and soldiers Okada rider they are the initiator of violation of traffic regulations”.

@weightlossnaija wrote: “If this isn’t wickedness, I wonder which heart they carried to crush people’s sources of Income without providing an alternative or compensating them with something meeting up their transportation standard. Throw them back to the street to Rob other Hustlers who can’t afford heavy security services like Una”.


@dashblushmakeover wrote: “Yes. They broke the law, other penalties should have been melted on them, crushing their bikes in this seemingly difficult times is extreme, some of them borrowed money to buy, others on higher purchase. No empathy at all. Then you complain of crím3 when you didn’t even provide jobs for them in the first place. Na wa o”.

More Reactions

@jaylavish wrote: “Useless govt!! The people gain nothing from you!! The small bike wey some of this people collect on purchase na him una crush like this! Una no fit ever know peace cos nothing justifies this! It’s pure wickedness! So, there’s no other way to punish the bike owners than to crush the bikes to pieces?”.


@justuchie wrote: “Now that you have burnt their source of income, what will become of them now??? If dem steal now una go still burn them the poor are really suffering in this country CALLED NIGERIA 🇳🇬”.

@tuliselah wrote: “They are supposed to auction it off to delivery companies!”

@rodiat98 wrote: “No provision of works yet you are making citizens Uncomfortable it is well”.


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