Some residents of the city of Ibadan have taken matters into their hands, as poor economic conditions heap more hardship on Nigerians.

ibadan protest
ibadan protest

People can no longer afford three square meals on a daily basis.


Prices of goods and services have continued to rise, with each passing day offering buyers a new price tag.

Also, parents can no longer afford the basic needs of their children. Cost of transportation has also doubled.


Some companies are laying off staff, as they can’t afford to pay salaries as usual.

Businesses In Danger

In addition, the value of the naira has crashed greatly against the dollar making it harder for businesses to thrive. The high cost of production is now forcing companies to shut down production. Some have considered moving out of the country.


In all of these, Nigerians have been patiently waiting to see a turnaround as promised by President Tinubu after he removed the fuel subsidy on the day he was inaugurated as president.

However, it appears the hardship keeps getting worse.

This situation has sparked protests in different states and on Monday, indigenes of Ibadan have taken to the streets to protest against the leadership of the current administration.

No More Emi Lokan

Shouts of “No more Emi lokan”, “No more Elo fokan bale” rented the air, as the protesters vented their frustrations about the economic condition.


A certain man even wished he could get the UN asylum rights, insisting he was tired of being a Nigerian.

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Others displayed placards with different inscriptions such as ‘End food hike and inflation’, ‘The poor is starving’,  ‘Tinubu, don’t forget your promises’, amongst others.

It is feared that this outrage will spread from Ibadan to other states of the country if not checked.

In fact, the AfDB has warned that there could be crisis in Nigeria if the hardship continued.

No one is sure of how long the people can hold on.

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