According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), over 40 million phone numbers which were barred due to owners’ failure to link their SIM cards with their National Identification Number (NIN) will soon be unable to make calls.

The NCC Director of Public Affairs, Reuben Mouka, made this known on Tuesday.


NIN-SIM: How To Retrieve Your Barred Phone Numbers

To Mouka, if the affected lines are not acted upon in the next 180 days, they won’t be able to receive calls but will only be able to text and make calls.


However, after the stipulated days, they will also be barred from making calls.

The Deadline

He stated that their telecommunication operators’ suspension of telephone lines violated the commission’s February 28, 2024, deadline.


Customers were required to link their Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) with their National Identity Number (NIN).

Mouka said, “If the barred lines are not acted upon in the next 180 days, they won’t be able to receive calls but will only be able to text and make calls.

“But after the stipulated days, they would be barred from making calls too and they might forfeit their lines to their respective service provider within 365 days”.

How To Reactivate Your Barred Phone Numbers

Here, we provide you with guidelines on how to reactivate your phone lines, based on instructions from the NCC’s Director of Publicity.


To streamline the process of integrating your SIM card with your National Identity Number (NIN), follow these updated steps tailored for various subscriber needs:

Unregistered Subscribers

If you haven’t registered your NIN yet, start by getting your SIM registered at any recognised centers nationwide.


Linking NIN to SIM

Once your NIN is secured, link it to your SIM using the methods provided by your mobile network operator.

Existing NIN Holders

If you already have a registered NIN, simply visit a center of your mobile network operator with your NIN for assistance or use the operator’s designated channels for SIM linkage.

Forgotten NIN Retrieval

Should you forget your NIN, easily retrieve it by dialing *346# from your mobile phone.

Ensure you use the phone number initially associated with your NIN registration.

After dialing, select “NIN Retrieval” by entering ‘1’. Then, follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

Service Fee

Note that retrieving your NIN via mobile phone incurs a nominal fee of 20 Naira, which is deducted from your airtime balance.

Network-Specific USSD Codes For NIN and Phone Numbers Linkage:

MTN Users: Dial *785# or *785*YourNIN# from the phone you intend to link.
Your NIN will automatically be linked to your phone number.

Glo Users: Text “UPDATENIN [Your NIN] [Your First Name] [Your Last Name]” to 109.

Airtel Users: To link, simply dial *121*1#.

9Mobile Users: For linkage, dial *200*8# and follow the prompts.

These steps ensure a convenient and straightforward way for subscribers to comply with NIN registration and linkage requirements.

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The aim is to enhance security and identity verification across the country.


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