There was drama on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday, following the clash between Senate President Godswill Akpabio, and the Senate Chief Whip, Ali Ndume.

The act, which many described as embarrassing, has sparked numerous reactions from Nigerians, as they struggle to take the front seat in judging them.


Ndume, during Tuesday’s plenary, raised a point of order.

Jimoh Ibrahim rejects Senate President Akpabio
Senate President, Godswill Akpabio

His point was raised in protest against how Akpabio was handling the affairs of the upper chamber.


Point Of Order

The Senate Chief Whip was reported to have cited order 54 of the Senate Standing Orders and raised a point of order.

After he was done, the Senate President ruled him out of order.


After he was ruled out of order, the Borno lawmaker staged a walkout and returned to his office.

Executive Session

He was reportedly just settling down when he, however, received a call from a colleague to return to the chamber for an executive session.

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After Nigerians saw this drama that occurred in the Senate, Nigerians have taken to the micro-blogging platform, X, to share their reactions.



Below are some of the reactions:

@riskandgrace: Talking about the Presence of all the senators, who told them not to be attending plenary? Ndume just dey throw hates on Akpabio.. he’ will soon be sacked


@TemiBeedie: Akpabio is acting as if he is bigger than rest. He just one among equals. Rubber stamp Senate.

@Davidweizide: Is Senator Ndume bigger than the Senate? If truly Akpabio didn’t sack Abbo, cos if Akpabio should sack anybody, it should be Ndume.

@nigerianpollz: I smell impeachment of the Senate President. These people are the cabals of the Senate.

@Sijibo71: Gone are the dayz when Nigeria truly has legislature.

@rotilaw: There is a reason why headship of legislative bodies is often a matter of seniority. There are many arcane rules and technicalities that will take a long time to learn.

@abdulllsalimm: House of commotion

@chizzi_vincents: Akpkabio might likely not finish his tenure.

@jamesagada: AKPABIO May be thinks President of the Senate is like being the President or the Governors. The Senate President is first amongst equals.

@OlaniyiTaofiq: Ndume with him wahala again.. that’s how Saraki suspended him then.

@09Nasiir: Truth is Akpabio doesn’t know anything about Senate rules and he seems not to be willing to learn.

@aleeyu786: But why is Sen @Senator_Akpabio is so arrogant? The red chamber is not like Governor’s office where a governor exhibit all sort of powers. He needs to seat up and follow due process or they should remove him. Asap

@mmrajii90_raji: I know Ndume will start revolt against Akpabio in no distance time. He is not alone in the bid to impeach Akpabio.

@Aiwe_ile: Ndume is one of the most arrogant Senators. Why can’t he meet the Akpabio in private to discuss this. Good Akpabio rule him out of order.

What Does Order 54 Of The Senate Standing Orders Say?

That order is premised on the ‘Time Limit and Sequence of Speeches.
It states that: (1) The Rules and Business Committee shall allocate time to all sequence of speeches, Motions or Bills coming before the Senate.

(2) During the debates on all motions, the President of the Senate shall allow a Senator to speak for or against the motion. But during Second Reading of a Bill, a Senator can speak on the general principles of the Bill or measures pointing out the merits or demerits of the Bill, including statutory and constitutional issues.

(3) The President of the Senate shall allocate one-half of such time to be given to debate in favour of the Majority Party and one-half to debate in opposition to such proposition.

(4) No Senator shall be entitled to address the Senate or a Committee of the Whole Senate for more than forty minutes on any subject.

Senator Nduma had seen some irregularities with the way the Senate President has been handling the Senate.

But Senator Akpabio saw no point in Ndume’s claims.


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