On the issue of labour unions and the Federal Government, a lot of questions run through the minds of Nigerians.

Do you think the nationwide strike embarked upon by the Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) will yield the desired result?


Could labour and the government have adopted other dispute-resolution methods to resolve their differences?

Must they inconvenience businesses and the economy over trivialities?


Indeed, the saying: “When two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers,” is very true.


The Nigerian Labor Congress and the Nigerian government have not been able to resolve their differences.

Every now and then, these issues come up.

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Again, this situation has led to a nationwide strike which entered its second day on Wednesday.


Businesses Are Suffering

Reacting to the development, the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA) said the NLC and the government must reconsider their actions.

The Director-General of NECA, Adewale-Smatt Oyerinde, made the call on Wednesday.


Oyerinde said the government and organised labour should consider the consequences of their actions on the economy and businesses.

The organised labour on November 13, 2023, directed all affiliate unions to embark on an indefinite nationwide strike.

Bring Ajaero’s Attackers To Book

The strike was called to press home their demands, on the “inaction of the Federal Government over brutalisation of NLC President, Joe Ajaero, by security agents and hoodlums in Imo state”.

Oyerinde condemned the harassment and brutalisation of the NLC president.

He said: “We think shutting down the whole economy of the nation is unjustifiable in whatever context.

“This is because two wrongs cannot a make right. Hs the government been consistent and demonstrated enough good faith? No.

“Will the incessant strikes by the NLC, and TUC, solve the problem? That is also a big No.

The economy is already in a difficult state”.

Also, he expressed dissatisfaction with the current reality – organized businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

Oyerinde said certain fundamental issues or considerations by government and labor should also be put in place.

These Unnecessary Disruptions Must Stop

According to him, the private sector is neither the protagonist nor the antagonist.

“We will not allow the government, labour or any group to by their actions or inactions constitute undertakers for organised businesses.

“This is because a lot of businesses are closing down every other time and thousands of employees are thrown back into the street.

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He urged the government and labour to go back to the negotiation table to do the needful.

Oyerinde said that if the current model of negotiation was not working, a new one could be adopted.

He said that organised labour and the government must adopt an alternative dispute-resolution mechanism.


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