‘My mother gave birth to me after a Prominent Nigerian Lawmaker raped her’

We need to fight against rape together, Gov. Makinde tells Nigerians

My father a prominent Nigerian lawmaker, raped my mother and I was given birth to, a Nigerian lady confesses.

Although, the lady did not say whether the father is a senator, member of the House of Representatives or even a state lawmaker.

The lady also confessed that besides being brought into the world through rape, that she was herself a rape victim having been raped before her marriage.

The lady who was shielded from the camera spoke among five other ladies who gave different accounts of their experience as rape victims.

They all spoke virtually to the team of Your View on Television Continental.

“The person who raped my mother is one of our lawmakers in Nigeria, he is there I see him every time,” she said.

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The programme anchor, Morayo Afolabi-Brown even while touched by the revelation quickly and repeatedly begged her not to mention his name on live television.

She said that she did not get to know the identity of her father until she was about 26 and that efforts to meet him have been truncated.

According to her, her mother was raped when she lived with the man’s family apparently, a near relation but that the man quite younger at that time forced himself on her mother.

She said her mother kept the secret to herself for some time and suffered immensely on account of her experience. Her mother she said eventually passed over the pains to her because she (daughter) has till now not gotten a good relationship with her mother.

“Anytime I want to ask her some things a daughter should ask her mother she tells me you know I was never properly married,” the lady told the programme as

“It is still there, my mother has resentment on me as a bad omen. She is not available for me on issues,” she added.



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