Local gin, dogoyaro can’t prevent Coronavirus, expert warns

A medical expert, Dr Biola Babatunde has cautioned the public to desist from taking concocting local gin and Neem leaves popularly known as “dogoyaro” to prevent the Coronavirus as it’s dangerous to health.

Babatunde a doctor at Oyedeji Hospital, Gaa-Akanbi Area, Kwara State, on Saturday also advice against self medication in a bid to prevent being infected by the Coronavirus.

“The use of Chloroquine has not even been approved globally, it is still being tested on patients, besides the Chloroquine we are talking about is not just the over the counter drug we know.

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“I have read and seen on various social media platforms, news circulating about the use of local gin and neem leaves and allowing it ferment, to serve as local Chloroquine.

“This is ridiculous, this combination is not tested, it might even cause another problem in the body.

“I think Nigerians should stop panicking, so that we don’t complicate other health challenges, stay away from concoctions and local gin.

“Practice good hygiene, eat healthy food, wash your hands that is all you need,” he said.



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