The minimum wage appears as a crucial indicator of income levels and labour standards in various countries in Africa. So, if you are planning to japa (move) then it’s important you know about their minimum wage.  

List Of 8 Africa Country And Their Minimum Wage

Currently, Nigeria’s minimum wage is ₦30,000 ($37.04), established in 2019 by former president, Muhammadu Buhari.


There is a clamour for a review seen as necessary now that the salaries of workers are depleted by high cost of living, coming from the removal of petrol subsidy.

President Bola Tinubu has promised that on agreement of a new minimum wage, provision would be made in the constitution to accommodate it.

Negotiations are on with the labour unions – the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

While that is on, we will want to share the minimum wage in different African countries.

Here is the list of 8 Africa’s highest minimum wages per month

1. Seychelles

Minimum wage: $426

If you have ever wondered why Seychelles stopped issuing Nigerians visa, this, right here could help you understand better.


The country has the highest minimum wage in Africa at $426 per month.

It is an island nation off the coast of east Africa. The country is a tourist haven on the African continent and is made up of less than 500,000 people.

Seychelles doubles as Africa’s most developed country and the richest country from the GDP per capita.

How is the nation so different? Leadership is the answer.

2. Morocco

Minimum wage: $360

Morocco has the second highest minimum wage in Africa at $426 per month.

Morocco’s biggest employment sector is agriculture, the country also has a significant presence in manufacturing, tourism, mining and others.

Also in 2018, Morocco was announced as the most visited country in Africa beating South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and others to clinch the position.

3. Libya

Minimum wage: $325

Libya has the third highest minimum wage in Africa at $325 per month.

The regulations governing labourers’ wages in Libya are among the most consistent on the entire African continent, and they mandate an eight-hour workday.

Though some of the practices have raised racial problems, the sector has been accused of being mostly racist and giving citizens and other Africans solitary treatments. Tripoli serves as the nation’s capital.

4. Gabon

Minimum wage: $255

The current minimum wage in Gabon in Dollars is $255 per month.

Gabon has a sufficiently standard labour industry.

Nonetheless, majority of the laws on labour in the country are either not enforced or are ignored by employers.

This has seen complaints from labourers working longer hours and even earning less than minimum wage.

Agriculture is the country’s biggest employer.

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 5. Mauritius

Minimum wage: $251

The Minimum wage in Mauritius is $251.

Mauritius has a very flexible labour sector with increased concentration on finance, tourism and other service-related sectors.

The country has a population of over one million people with Port Louis being its capital and largest city.

6. South Africa

Minimum wage: $242

South Africa is the sixth highest-paying nation on the African continent. The country has a minimum wage of $242.

South Africa has transformed its labour laws since the apartheid era with free trade and an eventual open economy for all South Africans.

7. Egypt

Minimum wage:   $172

Egypt’s legal monthly minimum wage is $172.

Some of the major business centers in Egypt include Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm el-Sheikh.

 8. Algeria

Minimum wage: $170

The minimum wage in Algeria is $170.

Algeria is a petroleum-producing nation and is the largest nation in Africa by land mass. 

It is one of these nations that are in the class of Nigeria in production of crude. Although, Nigeria is now in 3rd position in terms of production.

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