One of the pains that had come with the closure of the Mile 12 Market is the unavailable of some food items. 

The Lagos State government had closed the Mile 12 Market on Friday, October 13.


mile 12

Three days after the closure, on October 16, the State government approved the reopening of the market.


Tokunbo Wahab, the state’s commissioner for environmental and water resources, announced the reopening.

He claims the Mile 12 Market was reopened after a careful examination of several facets of environmental compliance, waste management procedures, and general cleanliness within the market.


The government would not stand by idly as these ideals were compromised and undermined by the actions of a small number of people, he said.

According to him, problems crucial to the environment, public health, and safety are non-negotiable.

“We cannot continue to take our environment for granted, we need to change the way we think about the environment.”

He reminded the traders that “the way they treat the environment is the same manner it will treat them.


“We cannot fold our arms and allow the nonchalance of a few, affect the generality of the people”.

The government had demanded a full compliance with environmental standards and safety measures.


After the traders met the precondition for reopening shut markets, the Lagos State Government ordered immediate reopening of the Mile 12 International Market.

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In spite of several advocacy and public Enlightenment, government is left with no choice than to enforce.

The enforcement exercise will be a continuous one, as no Government takes delight in shutting down markets” Wahab said.


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