Nedu, Phyna, Honest Bunch Podcast
Nedu (Honest Bunch Podcast)

If you are one of those Lagos ladies funded by men, Nedu could be talking to you.

Nedu is once again sparking controversy on the internet with his revelation about Lagos girls.


The media personality, who has been criticising women who sleep with men for money, has revealed that his friends are responsible for many Lagos girls’ lifestyle.

According to him, his friends are the ones funding their lavish lifestyles like vacations, shopping sprees, and more.


He is not, however, attempting to generalise that all Lagos ladies have prostituted, as he knows many who are still working hard.

” Most of them na men dey fund their rent.


“I know hardworking girls in Lagos, Abuja and other countries.

“I know the people that are paying their rent. Most of them are my friends,” he said.

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The radio host stated this in the most recent episode of his “Honest Bunch” podcast, which featured Phyna BBNaija, the season seven winner, and three other ladies.


Some of the ladies disagreed with Nedu’s statement, but he didn’t give them room to counter him.


Nedu ruffled some feathers last month when he insinuated that ladies who participate in the BBNaija reality show are there to offer their bodies for sex and get clients.


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