Do you believe in miracles?

Well, numerous miracles happen every day in Nigeria, in fact, our brothers and sisters in Kogi State have now experienced a first hand miracle, courtesy of the state governor, Usman Ododo.


A man who was a convicted for fraud in February 2023, became a chief of staff in Kogi in January 2024.

Kogi State: Outrage Trails As New Governor, Ododo Appoints Yahaya Bello’s Nephew Indicted For ₦3 Billion Fraud As Chief Of Staff

After the governorship election in the state, at a time when the controversy of Godfatherism was raging, former Governor, Yahaya Bello had promised not to interfere in the affairs of the state.

But the appointment of his nephew as the state’s Chief of Staff has left Nigerians in doubt.


As a matter of fact, the new state governor, Usman Ododo, has come under heavy criticism.

This outrage trails the appointment of Ali Bello, a nephew to former Governor, Yahaya Bello, as the Chief of Staff.

The Prosecution

The new CoS to the Kogi governor is being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The investigation bothers on an 18 counts of money laundering and misappropriation to the tune of ₦3 billion.


The other defendants in the case are Abba Adauda, Yakubu Siyaka Adabenege, Iyada Sadat and the Kogi First Lady, Rashida Bello.

The EFCC is prosecuting them in suit No ABJ/CR/573/2022.


According to a statement by EFCC in 2022, Bello and Sulaiman were remanded in prison pending the fulfilment of their bail conditions granted.

The judge granted them bail in the sum of ₦1 billion each.

The defendants are accused of fraudulently withdrawing over ₦10 billion from the Kogi State treasury.

They later delivered the funds to a bureau de change operator, Rabiu Tafada, in Abuja, to keep or change to foreign currencies for personal gains.

What Nigerians Have To Say

This latest appointment has stirred many questions in the minds of many.

To some, Yahaya Bello seem to still be in charge of Kogi State.

Others are convinced that, having a criminal record is a very important criteria for having an appointment in the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Following the latest appointment, Nigerians have taken to social media to react.

See Reactions

@Spotlight_Abby wrote: “I wonder why some of you are complaining. Is the young man not eminently according to the APC standards?
What’s an APC chief of staff without criminal internship and some field experience?”

@FS_Yusuf_ wrote: “Yahaya Bello placed a subservient loyalist as Governor and have his cousin (with fraud case ₦3 Billion) Chief of Staff.
Yahaya Bello is still the Governor of Kogi State. Kogi “in the leg of God”

@firstladyship wrote: “Kogi state is the Wild West & the weakest link in Nigeria.
They are the ones I pity the most. Yahaya Bello’s nephew with a case file with the EFCC, is now the chief of staff.
The politicians are the reason the Naira will continue to crash against other currencies.”


@Mindset_Post wrote: “Yahaya Bello’s Nephew who was arrested by EFCC for ₦3 billion Fraud, is now the Chief of Staff to the New Governor of Kogi State”

@OjiUgo_nwa wrote: “From being docked and remanded in prison for ₦3bn fraud to becoming The Chief of Staff to the new Kogi State governor. Wonderful things are happening @von_Bismack remember I told you the new governor won’t be better right.”

@MO_Shaibu_ wrote: “Requirement for APC political appointments:
Must be a CRIMINAL with atleast one year experience, and must make it to EFCC book for looting related charges.
Meet the new Kogi State chief of staff, Ali Bello.

@aai_austin wrote: “A convict in February 2023. A chief of staff in January 2024.
Is the Lord not working wonders In Kogi state? EFCC don turn blind eye because his name is not Emefiele.”

@LawrenceOkoroPG wrote: “Same person that was docked for ₦3bn Fraud by the EFCC in Feb 2023 is appointed Chief of staff to the Kogi State government 12 months later.
Yet many are wasting in jail for doing nothing.”

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