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The story you are about to read happened in Zamfara State.

How Bride-to-be Family Foiled Kidnap Attempt, Kill Terrorist, Seize Two Ak-47 Rifles
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This story features the family members of a bride-to-be and a group of passengers as the main characters.

Also, it features a group of terrorists on the villain’s side, leaving the story more spicy than ever.

What do we call this story? An action thriller, or adventure?

Well, we’ll leave that to you to decide at the end of the story.


The Ambush

The terrorist may have received intel that the family of the bride-to-be and other travelers would pass through the Talata Mafara-Gusau highway in the State.

That was where they laid an ambush like a hungry lion waiting for its prey.

The family were on their way to purchase clothing and other wedding materials in Kano State.

However, their journey was halted when armed bandits attacked them.


But you see, something unusual happened, the family members of the bride-to-be decided to face their fears.

That was how they were able to foil the kidnap attempt.


The Brave Passengers

An eyewitness disclosed that the brave passengers fought the bandits and managed to capture two AK-47 rifles from the assailants.

The witness said: “A few kilometres away from the Fangal Tama checkpoint, the travellers heard gunshots echoing all around.

To their shock, they encountered two well-armed bandits on motorcycles, blocking the road and halting vehicles.

“The bandits immediately ordered the young woman (the bride-to-be), her father, mother, and two other relatives to exit their car.

“With guns pointed at them, the terrified family members were coerced to follow the bandits into the nearby forest.

A Fierce Struggle

“Realising the grave danger they faced on forced abduction, the passengers decided to act swiftly.

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“They rallied together and launched an attack on one of the two bandits. In a fierce struggle, they managed to overpower him, resulting in his instant death.

“The other bandit, however, escaped, leaving behind his firearm.

“The courageous group retrieved the two guns and emerged from the forest.
They promptly handed the weapons over to the military at a nearby checkpoint.”


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