Just In: Rwanda deploy drones to raise awareness on Coronavirus

Just In: Rwanda deploys drones to raise awareness on COVID-19

Rwandan Police, on Sunday, deployed drones to raise awareness about Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the country.

This is another application of drone technology in the Central African country.

A loud-speaker seemed as a boost to communicate messages to the public is bound to a drone, pictures showed in a tweet by the Police.

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The Police asked the public to listen carefully to the message delivered by the drones when they pass their neighbourhoods and not to leave their homes to view the drones.

The Police also forbade the gathering in large groups when drones deliver messages.

The move was widely applauded by the public in their replies under the tweet, though some comments expressed worries that people would go outside to see the innovation.

As of Saturday evening, Rwanda had reported 120 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

A total of 18 patients have recovered.

Rwanda has been embracing drone technology in the health sector, where the use of drones to deliver life-saving blood products and vaccines to remote areas is already a reality.


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