Hembadoon follows up with Hey Lover

Following the success of her previously released jazz inspired Afro pop feature single “Lady”, Hembadoon introduces her lover in a new single called ‘Hey Lover”, an upbeat Electronic Dance music, with carefully crafted lyrics that can match the greatest love songs.

“Hey Lover, this song is for you” is the characteristic opening line that leads into robust verses and choruses of detailed descriptions of a love, so greatly expressed. Ironic too, because her previous single “Lady” is more inclined with the message of independence and a power claim for women and womanhood, it could be considered feminist.

Where does having a lover fit into, in this feminist inclined mind, one would wonder. Hembadoon says feminism is a call for equal rights, and even though seemingly aimed at women because of the term, and the many years of disadvantaged circumstances women have had to deal with in society, it also protects the interests of men too.

The new single is a love song with a twist; it embodies that feel-good type of romance that is fun, vibrant, expressive, and carefree. The lyrics feature a unique infusion of Tiv language – the artiste’s indigenous dialect – and adds an exotic flavor to the composition.

Hembadoon’s musical journey started at a young age, she has previously released a single titled “Odo Aye” in 2003 while still a student at the University of Jos. In the course of her career, she has been part of a band which went on to come 3rd place in the Benson & Hedges road show 2004, and sung backup for South African singer Somti who herself was a backup singer for Paul Simon.

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She has also worked in an Abuja based radio station, and as a Public Relations Executive, lending her support to the teams of record labels and many Nigerian A-list artistes. Her music is written with carefully crafted text; she has a unique sound and delivery, combined with excellent songwriting skills and a creative use of language.

She is currently working on her album project and says the time is now to gift her talent to the world.


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