Beginners, who have just started or are planning to get their hands to the foreign exchange market are concerned about millions of things. The most important question is how much money is needed to start trading on Forex. In this post, we will help determine the minimum deposit for Forex trading and conditions for cooperation with different brokers. Keep reading to know the basic rule of money maintenance as well as risk management.


Start-up Capital

There is no single answer to this question. The min deposit for brokers can be from 10 to 500 dollars, depending on the type of financial account and commissions charged by an exchange. The minimum deposit sufficient to work with starts at $10, but this does not mean that you can earn a lot with that initial budget. Understanding the min sum you need to trade Forex stocks also depends on the lot size that you enter into the transaction. The higher the lot is, the larger the deposit should be.



This is due to the broker’s requirements for collateral. For example, to open a transaction for 0.1 lots with a leverage of 1: 500, you need a deposit of 23 dollars. That is why the minimum deposits with brokers often start at $300 so that the client does not risk all the money in the first transaction.


Minimum Deposits

Deposit requirements depend on the platform or broker you choose. Some brokers might have several requirements for deposits and risks. However, some other platforms, such as Alpari, found a way out. A thing to know is that the minimum deposit limit, as a rule, only applies when opening an account. Therefore, if you do not want to trade in significant funds on Alpari, it is quite possible to deposit the amount required by the broker and cash out part of the invested sum two or three days later.


Let’s determine what minimum amount you can trade with on Forex under different conditions.

  • If you prefer a medium-term and long-term strategy, the deposit should be sufficient to wait for possible drawdowns. Determine where to put Stop Loss, calculate the possible loss in dollars when it triggers, and multiply by 5.

  • When working with several pairs at the same time, do not forget to take them into account.

  • For work only for one day, the deposit can be small, from 300-500 dollars. This will allow you to start trading using one instrument, that is, do not open deals simultaneously on different assets.

  • If you want to “rock” the deposit, the size of the deposit does not matter too much. The main thing here is to correctly calculate the risks.

Minimum Deposit for Intraday Trading

As already mentioned, you can count on a small deposit of 300 – 500 dollars in case you want to run intraday trading. When determining how much money is needed for intraday trading on Forex, you ought to keep in mind that only a novice trader can afford not a large deposit. For serious trading, it is sometimes necessary to run several transactions at the same time. Intraday trading at a leverage of 1:500 can be very profitable.



Ideally, the loss limit should be at the level of 1% of the deposit. But even trading with minimal lots will require a deposit of 2,000 to fulfill this “rule.” If you are just starting to trade, then you should not rely on professional risk restrictions since your risk will always be higher — you are just starting. Keep it in mind. Therefore, regardless of your deposit size, just buy the minimum lots. As soon as you feel confident, you can increase your deposit and raise the volume of transactions.


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