Nigerian Man Lament Rising Cost Of Bread To N800

In the face of the crumbled economic situation in Nigeria, where the dollar exchange to naira has suddenly risen to N710, a Nigerian has taken to social media to lament the price of bread in the country.

Bread which used to be the common man’s food has summarily become too expensive and out of the reach of those who need it.

In Nigeria, people eat bread with akara, beans, fried or boiled egg, tea and so many other combinations as may be deemed convenient.

In a viral video made from a retail shop, the young man lamented how the price of a loaf of bread took a gradual but fast forwarded step from N300 to N800.

According to him, “Nigerians may start eating themselves soon”

Recall that bread bakers recently went on strike, to show their dissatisfaction with the high production cost and their inability to purchase raw materials


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