Don Davis: Matter Under Investigation – Deeper Life

Don Davis: Matter Under Investigation - Deeper Life

Deeper Life High School, Akwa Ibom, has spoken up about the allegation of sexual abuse on its campus, saying the matter is under investigation.

One of its students, Don Davis, an 11-year-old JSS1 student, was alleged to have been sexually abused by senior students in one of the school’s dormitories.

Davis was admitted in a hospital weeks after returning home from the school as he had become emaciated.

His mother, Deborah Okezie, took to social media to call out the school management, claiming her son’s anus had been damaged.

She also said the school switched Davis dormitory to a dormitory filled with senior students where the abuse took place.

After the outrage the matter generated, Deeper Life suspended the school principal and ordered an investigation.

The Education Secretary, Deeper Life High School, Mrs Thelma Malaka, while providing an update on the case on Tuesday, said the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Emmanuel Udom, had taken over investigation to ensure “neutrality and a dispassionate outcome.”

“The panel has sat and we have presented staff members and students of our school who have been mentioned in this particular case all through the period of the investigation. We believe that the government will share the final report once the investigation is concluded.

“Secondly, as a parent myself, I do care about the mental and physical health of Don Davis who has been at the centre of this issue. Despite the intriguing underpinnings, we will continue to show our love to him within the limits permitted by his parents. We have unflinching confidence in our God to resolve the issue such that at the end, the truth will ultimately prevail,” she said.


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