Following the coup in Niger Republic, President Emmanuel Macron has said that France will reassign its ambassador and halt all military cooperation with the West African country. 

Niger Coup


The French will recall several diplomats, including their ambassador and they will return to France in the next hours, according to Macron.

Additionally, the president stated that military cooperation was “complete” and that French forces would depart in “the months to come.”


On July 26, a military coup seized control of Niger, deposing President Mohamed Bazoum.

Months Of Protest

Following months of hostility and protests against French presence in the nation, with frequent rallies in the capital Niamy, the decision was made.


The action hinders France’s efforts to combat terrorism in the Sahel and its influence in the area.

However, Mr. Macron said that France “would not be held hostage by the putschists”, he said on France’s TF1 and France 2 television stations.

The French president claimed that he had notified Bazoum of his decision and that he continued to view Bazoum, who is now being held hostage by the coup leaders, as the “sole legitimate authority” of the nation.

He called the overthrown president a “hostage”.


“Coup Directed At Bazoum”

He said that the coup d’etat was directed against him because of his brave reforms, the widespread ethnic score-settling, and the political cowardice that was there.

After toppling Mr. Bazoum on July 26, the military chiefs of Niger had instructed the French ambassador, Sylvain Itte, to depart the nation.


But despite a 48-hour deadline to depart set in August, the French government refused to honour it or accept the legitimacy of the military regime, so he remained in place.

But France is making a U-turn through its president.

Macron’s statement also came hours after Niger’s coup leaders banned “French aircraft” from flying over the country.

The regional air safety organisation, ASECNA, said that Niger’s airspace was open to all national and international commercial flights except for French aircraft or aircraft chartered by France including those of the airline Air France”.

The air space would remain closed for “all military, operational and other special flights”, unless receiving prior authorisation, the message said.

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