Comedienne Emmanuella Give Details On How She Built A House For Her Mom


Child comedienne, Emmanuella has finally revealed why and how she was able to build a house for her mother.

The funny child has no doubt won the hearts of many after she gifted her mom a house which she built for her.

A lot of people were impressed at the 10 year old for taking such a giant step for her family at such a tender age.

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In an interview with BBC Pidgin, she was able to explain how it became possible for her to achieve such a great feat.

According to Emmanuella, her plan was to buy her father a car and then Uncle Mark reminded her that she promised to build a house for her mom and he advised she start saving towards the house first before buying a car for her dad.

She stated further that this advise made her contact her manager to split her earnings into your different parts. One part was meant for the orphanage, another for the building of the house, the third for family and the fourth part was for her savings.

Emmanuella noted that the building project started in December 2019.

While speaking about her parents reactions towards the house gift, Emmanuella said she felt really impressed especially after seeing her mom smile after receiving the gift.

Emmanuella also said her mom deserved even an estate but she cannot afford that for now but will still buy a car for her dad as promised before.


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